Honda Stunner 125 reviews and pics

Honda’s 125 cc glam doll is out.
It’s Specifications and priced are discussed below.

Specifications :


Displacement: 124.7cc

Engine: 4 Stroke, Air Cooled, OHC Single Cylinder

Maximum Power: 11Bhp@8000rpm

Maximum Torque: 11Nm@6500rpm

Gears: 5 Speed

Cooling Type: Air Cooling

0 to 60: 5.20 sec.


Length: 2012.00 mm

Width: 734.00 mm

Height: 1113.00 mm


Weight: 129.00 kg

Ground Clearance: 173.00 mm

Fuel Tank: 10.00 ltrs

Wheelbase: 1271.00 mm

Turn Circle: 0.00 mtrs E

Electrical System: Battery – 12 V:5 AH

Headlamp: Halogen 12V/35W

Wheel Type: Alloys Wheel Size: 80/100-17 – 100/90-77 mm  Tubeless

Colors: Sporty Red, Yellow, Space Metallic Silver & Black

PRICE : approx. 48,000 to 53,000 ex. showroom



More Pics Can be found here :

Also :

and  :



  1. Great bike, damn looking devil like CBF 250, grat mileage sound is powerful like 150 cc bike, price is acceptable, gear shift is very smooth all over 4.0 out of 5.

  2. jus got ma new stunner & its done 486 in jus 5 days its got a mini karizma look with an amazing ride. Just the tachometer and digitals are missing but wat else can u expect 4 half a lac. I’ve already fitted a rear disc, 120/90 rear tyre and monoshock, it looks stunning. . . SUGGESTED MODS: 1. removal of rear mud guard. 2. removal of saree guard. 3. Whitelight installation. 4. Monoshock. 5. Wider rear tyre (120/90 suggested). Using a wide tyre may reduce mileage but increase stability. 6. Bottom engine guard. (karizma R suggested). 7. If possible double exhaust or even better, hidden exhaust system. (i got the hidden system, the silencer goes under the rear seat, looks superb but you’ve got to remove your tail-light). NOTE: any modification that alters the design or performance is ILLEGAL so all the given mods are at your own risk.

    • bro can u upload ur bike picture???? or send it in my mail the picutre..

  3. nice surely 2 increase their rep.

  4. hi!
    i wanted to purchase stunner…but how bout its milage??
    and is it comfortable for ladies to sit in th backside in the traditional indian way..??

  5. @ Aniket..
    I wont really recommend stunner if you want it as a commuter.
    although it is one but still it wont be great 4 ladies at back.
    as this bike is bit raised from behind and saree guard is also not given….
    it is made as a sports bike and strictly 4 youngsters, so i would recommend u to have a test ride and inspection before making any decision.
    Mileage is just about the same as gladiator and can give more than 50 overall.

  6. Today i took a test ride.pikup wise it appeard good enough to me just wid a engine of 125cc. the only problem i got was shifting grears, as i m familiar wid other bikes like unicorn splender pulser,each has gear lever having 2 faces bt stunner has only one faced gear lever. it gave me rememberance of old model rajdoot having similar kind of gear lever. anyhow i booked it giving 1000 rs. they said i will hav to wait 4 one month for the model with disk brake. total price 59899 rs. lets see when i get it?

  7. stunner is really stunning.i read about it a lot on the net so i decided to take a test drive, yesterday i took a test drive and belief me i was so much impressed that i cant explain. The pickup is superb because of 11 nm torque @6500 rpm. In the 4th gear the bike was touching @70 -80 kph and belief me as soon i shift the 5th gear the bike was roaring to go more and was near about 95-100 kph,and the bike was in full control on jerking no vibrations, yes i say no vibrations. The new bike might not go to that limit but after few services it definately will. Also the braking is superb. At a cost of 55786(approx). What can you demand more,please took a test drive and mark my words you will get the answer why honda bikes are worlds number will. Rock!!

  8. it’s very cool, what that new type of honda?

  9. jabardast bike banaya bidu…………

    can you send me some information about Honda CBR150……
    I want to know this bike on rode price and secific features…..

    so please i kindly request you to send me honda CBR150’s information…….

    byeee and thans to Honda company becoze you are making fast all youngers……

  10. hello you make nice bike….. its realy nice and faster, can you give me some information about Honda CBR150. when this bike come in India and what will be this bike price and some specific features…….

  11. Hi All,
    I am Sam from Chennai. To tell you all it’s time for me to Change my trusty ol’ Splendor which served me & my dad for the last 9 years. i was looking forward to buy a 150 cc engined bike & shortlisted the Unicorn, the CBZ xtreme and Apache Refresh.
    Last week I went for a test drive of the Unicorn but just as I entered the showroom I saw this CBF Stunner. Man was I bowled over.It just looked stunning. Got an estimate and took a testdrive. i am 5’10” and the height of the bike is just prefect, with split seats, the Riding posture was absolutely perfect for me.The bike is really smooth and easily pulls in top gear(5th) at 30kmh without any chain snatch or hickups.The bike is really very easy to ride, the handle bar is not heavy alt all.The headlamp and the speedo console is mounted on the fairing itself so the handlebar is very light but with excellent feel ot the road.The 240mm disc brakes are just awesome combined with 17″ wheels gave amazing feedback.Imp thing to note is the Puncture resistant tyres front and back.Negatives – Lack of tachometer, Slightly stiffer Rear suspension.rear brakes doesn’t bite well (atleast in my test bike)…and not much.
    It is an excellent bike for guys and girls alike- It is really easy to ride bike trust me.
    Young office goers like me and college goers will love the bike.
    Yeah it may not be very powerful but it leads the class. Expect 55 – 60 Kmpl.
    Some Users I spoke to are getting more than 60 & some 53-55.So I think in all conditions it’ll atleast give 50kmpl.Fuel economy may not be an issue now (45rs/ Lt) but may be in a year or two it may shoot upto 55-60rs or more.
    Many friends asked me why a 125 c bike ond why not a 150cc. i asked them the same question why a 150 cc and whynot an 125cc bike.For me and may be others alike this bike seems to fit the bill perfectly.And one more thing Our Stunner is sold as the CBF 125 in UK albeit with an Efi but similar Bhp indian Version 11.1 and Uk ver 11.8bhp.
    Efi thing is just catching up so not many of them are experienced with this tech.
    One thing that just cannot be ignored is the number of looks you’ll get when you ride the bike.As everyone says it really looks like a baby Karizma. I cannot afford a Karizma but this gets me closer to it.
    Minimum DP is Rs 16000/-approx and emi is approx Rs2300 for 3 years.I forgot the rate of interest, but I hope this info will be useful for potential buyers.
    I’ll probably book the bike next week so if any of you have any other suggestion pls shoot them up.ASAP.
    Thank you for reading.
    Good Luck everyone.

    • hi dude wats d millage u getting now pls let me know

  12. I Need A Test Drive.Byke Features Is Great But Why People Dnt Purchase It..

  13. hi

    i just want to know about the mileage of this bike

  14. hi. i love thisbike. this so good on road. thanks hero honda. thank u so much. i have 8 model of honda. splender, krizma,hunk….. but i love this bike

  15. hi,
    I m about to purchase stunner within 2 days. but i m confused btwn stunner & stunner FI. There is much difference in its price and there are only few changes like front nd rear disk brakes, only self start, increase in average (+ 3 or 5 kmpl ) and all……..
    price: stunner- nearly 69,000.
    nd stunner FI :-73,000.
    Do u thnk it is worth giving nearly 75,000. for 125cc nd only with few changes??
    pls give me ur sugessions asap.

    • hi if u buying stunner fi,it is a good bike but both stunner and stunner fi gives the same milege i will advise you to buy stunner only ,it is best

  16. hi guyz….
    i am about to buy cbf stunner but a bit confused as i have read alot about stunners performance on road and many reviews said that it gives jerks and vibrates after it crosses the speed of 65 kmph is it true if yes how would it effect my bike if i constantly run it above 65 kmph and please tell me the exact milage i will get on roads of mumbai…is buying stunner a good idea………..

  17. can u plz mail me some pics of ur byk. . . .it sound gr8 dude i also have stunner n want to modify it. . . .

  18. can u plz send me d details 2 my mail about stunner

  19. yaar i am having two options. Ist is whether i should buy pulsar 135. 2nd shoud i buy stunner.

  20. MAASHALLAH……………….. DELHI 9999978004


  22. Machuuuuuuuuuuu ethu kollamo?

  23. Very interesting post. Karizma R is the best bike in its segment and much

  24. very good bike and its not vibrating even after crosses the speed near about 90 kmph.

  25. dnt buy this bikes

  26. hi
    i want to buy a bike my budget is 60k
    i m confused between honda stunner and pulsar 135ls i need a bike which has low maintainence and good life
    i heard honda stunner vibrates after 70kmph is it so?
    and plz suggest me which one should i buy

    • Go for pulsar, stunner has disappointed enough people already.

  27. I hv honda stunner only electric start disk . beautiful bike best balance & brkng . I got 65-70kmpl in this bike . just loose throttle spring by a nob into right middle of bike . u need best throttle adjustment. THANKS

  28. I have brought stunner in 2008, just waste of money no after sales service available. in showroom no spare parts are also available for past one year i have issue with chain box no chain set is available in showroom.

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